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In Good “Corp!” Company

While our steadfast focus is on serving clients’ highest financial interests, we were honored to be included in Corp! Magazine’s 2018 Economic Bright Spots as a firm dedicated to “thrive with economic growth, expansion and hiring Michigan’s brightest talent.”

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Welcome Back, Janelle Anderson

There comes a time in any thriving business when a dedicated office manager becomes an essential ingredient for future growth. Fortunately, when that day arrived here at Grand Wealth Management, we did not have to search very far to find a perfict fit for the role.

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A Focus on Fixed Income

It’s been approximately a decade since the Great Recession began. By year-end 2008, the U.S. Federal Reserve (the Fed) had lowered the target federal funds rate to near-zero and embarked on an aggressive quantitative easing campaign, hoping to resuscitate the economy with a big booster shot of lending, borrowing and spending dollars.

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