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Steve Starnes Describes Effective Advisor Qualities in GRBJ

What should you look for in an effective financial advisor? In a recent Grand Rapids Business Journal” article, Steve Starnes, MBA, CFP® describes why business and investment management expertise aren’t as interchangeable as most people think. A successful business leader needs to sustain a competitive edge by identifying and reacting to evolving trends. A financial advisor needs to help investors patiently participate in the market’s long-term growth, while managing the risks involved. Each requires its own skill set.

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Anastasia Wiese’s GRBJ Commentary: Pay Off Debt or Invest?

In today’s climate of low interest rate loans, many investors have been asking a variation on the same question: Is “extra,” discretionary cash best used to pay down debt – such as mortgages, auto loans, student loans or credit card balances – or to invest toward retirement? In her February 22 Grand Rapids Business Journal column, Anastasia Wiese, JD, CFP® covers how to make good choices either way: “Ultimately, every action you take to advance your overall financial picture should move you closer to a place of decreased anxiety and increased satisfaction with your financial situation.”

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Anastasia Wiese’s Corp! Commentary: Women Finding Work/Life Balance During Pandemic

How are women business owners and professionals who are also raising families achieving work/life balance during the pandemic? Michigan’s Corp! Magazine took a closer look at the question, as new studies suggest women’s professional and financial futures are at higher risk during the pandemic. Who better to speak on the subject than our own Anastasia Wiese? As a wife, mother, financial advisor, and co-owner at Grand Wealth, Anastasia shared tips on how she and her family have “leaned into the vulnerability” to manage it.

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