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Our Thoughts on the Equifax Data Breach

In the aftermath of the Equifax security breach, we are once again reminded that identity theft and other financial scams pose a significant threat. Approaching your security as an ongoing process rather than a quick fix involves taking steps to protect your personal information from cyberattacks before they happen.

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Misperceptions About Market Corrections: Are You Prepared?

After an extended period of relative calm in the stock market, investors may wonder if we’re due for a correction. Instead of worrying when the next market downturn may or may not occur, we recommend having a portfolio in place today that you can stick with through thick and thin.

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Inside Track: From rocket scientist to number cruncher

This Grand Rapids Business Journal article features senior advisor, Steve Starnes. In the article Steve shares his story of why he chose Grand Wealth and how his grandmother inspired him to help clients with dementia.

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