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Congratulations Steve Starnes, Our Newest Principal

We are pleased to announce that Steve Starnes, MBA, CFP® is now a Principal at Grand Wealth Management. In his new role, he becomes a GWM co-owner, along with Ellie Winter and founder Jeff Williams.

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Our Thoughts on the Equifax Data Breach

In the aftermath of the Equifax security breach, we are once again reminded that identity theft and other financial scams pose a significant threat. Approaching your security as an ongoing process rather than a quick fix involves taking steps to protect your personal information from cyberattacks before they happen.

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Misperceptions About Market Corrections: Are You Prepared?

After an extended period of relative calm in the stock market, investors may wonder if we’re due for a correction. Instead of worrying when the next market downturn may or may not occur, we recommend having a portfolio in place today that you can stick with through thick and thin.

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