Our clients benefit from advice in their best interest from objective, experienced professionals.

Our clients are financially responsible families, executives, and business owners who want professional advice that goes beyond investments so they can enjoy more opportunities for themselves, their families, and their communities. Generally, we accept new clients who have an investment portfolio of at least $1 million or will likely achieve this within a few years.

New clients of Grand Wealth Management are often referred by a friend or another professional, are looking for a better advisor experience, or are no longer confident making financial decisions on their own. We help many people through significant life transitions such as a career change, retirement, business sale, change in health, or an inheritance.

Our clients include:

Families who need clarity and common-sense investment, retirement, tax, estate, charitable, and other planning advice.

Business Owners who want to create long-term value for their families apart from their business while managing their success within the business.

Professionals whose careers demand their full attention, and who prefer to rely on the guidance of an advisor with specialized knowledge.

Retirees who want to make the most of their retirement years and are challenged with matching their financial resources to their changing lives.

Executives who have limited time to address personal financial matters and seek to maximize the value of employer-provided benefit packages.

Working in partnership with Grand Wealth Management enables our clients to be less concerned about the day-to-day details of managing their finances, while allowing them to stay involved in guiding and monitoring their overall financial picture.

Our clients want an advisor who listens, understands what is important to them, and proactively brings ideas to their attention.”

— Steve Starnes

Senior Financial Advisor
Grand Wealth Management

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