We are unique as wealth advisors for these five key reasons:

1. Our focus on what is best for you.
We are fiduciaries, so when you ask us a question we focus only on seeking to provide the best advice for you. We believe this level of trust provides our clients with confidence to enjoy what is most important to them.

2. Our professional expertise.
With extensive experience, credentials, and a team approach, we provide evidence-based investment and financial planning advice. We are proud to be regularly invited to share our specialized insights with the financial media, professional trade journals and local organizations.

3. How we define wealth management.
Your financial life includes more than investments. We help you make good, comprehensive decisions about your retirement, estate, tax, education, charitable, and other planning priorities.

4. The way we provide clarity and peace of mind.
We have purposefully built our firm so we are available when you need us. We will proactively bring things to your attention and we are available to meet with you regularly. As fee-only advisors our advice is objective and independent, and our interests are aligned with yours.

5. The way we take time to understand what is important to you.
Before we provide advice we want to learn about you. We take time to ensure you are fully informed and an active participant in the wealth management process.

Our role is not to provide costly and complicated strategies and solutions but to provide realistic, transparent, ongoing advice to support what is important to you.”

— Jeff Williams

Managing Principal
Grand Wealth Management

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