Anastasia Wiese Discusses How Asset Location is Important to Portfolio Growth in a Recent GRBJ Article

Looking to Lower Your Taxes? Learn About Asset Location from Anastasia Wiese

Most investors already know: You only get to keep your after-tax investment returns. Far fewer investors know about asset location, an important technique for investing as tax-efficiently as possible. In an August 31 Grand Rapids Business Journal column, Anastasia Wiese, JD, CFP® explained how asset location helps minimize the impact taxes have on your investment portfolio.

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Grand Rapids Business Journal: Ellie Winter Offers Tax-Efficient Charitable Giving Advice

The GRBJ reached out to Ellie Winter, CFP® in October to discuss how the new 2017 tax law impacts taxpayers’ charitable giving strategies. Ellie, along with Shaun Shira of the Grand Rapids Community Foundation, offers ideas on how to continue giving tax-efficiently to your charities of choice.

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Charitable Giving Under New Tax Laws: Understanding the Donor-Advised Fund (DAF)

No matter how the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) may alter your tax planning, we’d like to believe one thing will remain the same: With or without a tax write-off, many Americans will still want to give generously to the charities of their choice. After all, financial incentives aren’t usually your main motivation for giving. We give to support the causes we cherish. We give because we’re grateful for the good fortune we’ve enjoyed. We give because it elevates us too. Good giving feels great – for donor and recipient alike.

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WZZM 13 Newscast: Steve Starnes Talks Taxes and Charitable Giving

At year-end 2017, Steve Starnes appeared on WZZM 13 to discuss the recently passed tax law’s effect on charitable giving and ways to optimize charitable planning.

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Ten Financial Best Practices to Jump-Start Your New Year

One of the best presents you can bestow on yourself and your loved ones is the gift of proper preparation for rest of the year. Want to get a jump-start on it? Here are 10 financial best practices to energize your wealth management efforts.

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Tax-Loss Harvesting: Opportunities and Obstacles

So much of investing is beyond our control (picking stock prices, timing market movements and so on), it’s nice to know that there are still a number of “power tools” we can employ to potentially enhance your bottom line. Tax-loss harvesting

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