Anastasia Wiese Featured in MLive, Offering Investment Tips During Inflationary Times

With inflation on the rise, many households are revisiting how to save, invest, and spend their hard-earned money. In a recent MLive article on how to budget for higher prices, Anastasia Wiese, JD, CFP® shared several best practices for sustaining your investment stamina during inflationary times.

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Evidence-Based Investing in Brief

How do you invest your money over the long-term? If you’ve read much of our work, you’ve probably noticed we embrace evidence-based investing. But what does that mean? Evidence-based investors build and manage their portfolio based on what is expected to enhance future returns and/or dampen related risk exposures, according to the most robust evidence available. This also means sticking with your long-view, evidence-based strategy once it’s in place, despite the market’s uncertainties and your own self-doubts you’ll encounter along the way.

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Calvin Wiersma’s GRBJ Post on the Profitability Factor

What is the profitability factor in investing? As the name suggests, stocks from profitable companies are expected to outperform unprofitable ones. But that doesn’t mean you should load up on high-flying stocks. In his recent Grand Rapids Business Journal column, Calvin Wiersma, CFP® explains: Like managing a successful rental property, it’s best to consider profitability as one factor among many that contributes to your well-built investment portfolio.

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Three Upside-Down Investment Insights

Often, all you need to be an excellent investor is a healthy dose of common sense: A penny saved is a penny earned. Buy low, sell high. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

That said, the best way to achieve these simple goals isn’t always as obvious. In fact, many of our favorite investment insights may at first seem counterintuitive. Today, we cover a trio of weird, but wonderful “upside-down” investment ideas.

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The Greatest Spectacle in Investing

In a recent post, Steve Starnes, MBA, CFP® reminisced about watching the Indy 500 as a youth, and how much he enjoyed revisiting its well-established rituals when it aired once again this summer. Likewise, Grand Wealth Management has long offered well-established principles, policies, and processes for our clients to “take for granted,” year after year. In this timely piece, Steve shares three ways our steadfast processes have added value to clients’ best investment practices in a year otherwise fraught with uncertainty.

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Steve Starnes GRBJ Commentary: Sustainable Investing

This summer, Steve Starnes, MBA, CFP® was invited to serve as a guest instructor in an undergraduate business ethics class. He enjoyed the experience, and the questions students asked about sustainable investing. What is it? Can it “work” as an investment strategy? Can environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) ratings help make the world a better place? Inspired by his classroom conversation, Steve covered sustainable investing in a recent Grand Rapids Business Journal article.

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Anastasia Wiese Describes RMD Put-Backs

Did you take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from your IRA earlier this year? If so, to help with the financial fall-out from COVID-19, the IRS is allowing you to reverse your 2020 RMD distribution … but you must act by August 31. In a July 28th Grand Rapids Business Journal column, Anastasia Wiese, JD, CFP® describes how the RMD “put-back” works, and whether to consider taking advantage of the opportunity.

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Anastasia Wiese’s GRBJ Commentary: Understanding Sequence Risk

In a June 25th Grand Rapids Business Journal column, Anastasia Wiese, JD, CFP® described how current uncertainties may expose retirees to “sequence risk,” or the risk of encountering negative investment returns early in retirement. Specifically, the random sequence — or order — in which you earn your returns early in retirement can impact your lasting wealth. How does sequence risk work, and how can you manage it if it happens to you?

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GRBJ Features Steve Starnes on Making Good Financial Choices in Uncertain Times

Even in “normal” times, it’s hard to make good financial choices. With today’s increased uncertainty, the challenge is even greater. In a recent Grand Rapids Business Journal, Steve Starnes, MBA, CFP® describes a process for avoiding expensive money-management mistakes during the heightened medical, economic, and financial unknowns.

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Jeff Williams Comments in MiBiz on Business Owners’ Financial and Succession Planning

Most successful business owners build their company’s financial strength through strategic planning and adept execution. But as Jeff Williams, CFP®, CPA/PFS comments in a recent MiBiz article, far fewer business owners bring these skills to their personal financial planning. When it’s time to implement a business succession plan, “not soon enough” financial planning can interfere with their own and their company’s optimal outcomes.

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