Jeff Williams Commentates on Taking His First Sabbatical

One value that we try to instill at Grand Wealth is the importance of cross training and empowering our team to step into leadership when the opportunity arrives. This year we added a new benefit and created a sabbatical policy. With

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Grand Wealth Implements New Sabbatical Benefit

One of the many values I hope to instill into our team at Grand Wealth is the importance of intentionally empowering everyone to step into leadership when the moment arrives. To grow as a company and deliver on our mission to help clients achieve more for themselves, their families, and their communities, all of us must be prepared for any situation to ensure our clients’ success. At the end of the day, our clients can count on any member of our team to understand their needs and step up to guide them.

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It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning

Steve Starnes shares in the first podcast episode of This Day & Age, tips, and tools you need to set yourself up for success in the later stages of life. The episode explores why having a plan in place is so important and how to get started.

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Anastasia Wiese Shares “Wine, Women, and Money” Advice in West Michigan Woman

Although women are increasingly household breadwinners and financial stewards, talking about money often remains taboo in “polite society.” In a West Michigan Woman piece, “Wine, Women and Money: Sharing Financial Know-How,” Anastasia Wiese, JD, CFP® explores how women can broach the subject in small, private gatherings … with a little wine to help the conversation flow. “When women share information about career and finances, goals, hopes, dreams—and yes, fears—we can find the crucial support needed for success,” says Anastasia.

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Jeff Williams MiBiz Feature: Succession Planning

Even as Grand Wealth offers succession planning and related wealth management advice to Michigan business owners, we’ve also modeled that same advice into our own practice. Grand Wealth founder and managing principal Jeff Williams, CFP®, CIMA®, AIF® CPA/PFS, was featured recently in a September 12th MiBiz column, sharing our firm’s not-so-secret strategies for succession planning success. His key advice? Start planning early for your company’s future.

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Grand Wealth Management Sponsors Annual Charity Golf Classic

Grand Wealth Management was proud to be a sponsor of the 22nd annual Shawn Respert Charity Golf Classic at Egypt Valley Country Club. Our team had a great time golfing and networking with fellow Spartans. Proceeds from this event are used to support scholarships including: football, basketball, medical and other general scholarships. Go Green!

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Anastasia Wiese Shows GRBJ Readers How to Tend to Retirement with a Target-Date Fund

When spring flowers bloom, we discover how our earlier plantings have paid off. Likewise, how you “seed” your financial garden today determines whether you can later harvest rich rewards. In a June 2 Grand Rapids Business Journal column, Anastasia Wiese, JD, CFP® described how to use a target-date fund to save for retirement: “It can be nice to have retirement investing on autopilot through payroll deduction and a single self-maintained investment option,” says Anastasia. “However, as with any investment tool, there are things you should consider when choosing to invest in a target-date fund.”

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Steve Starnes Describes Effective Advisor Qualities in GRBJ

What should you look for in an effective financial advisor? In a recent Grand Rapids Business Journal” article, Steve Starnes, MBA, CFP® describes why business and investment management expertise aren’t as interchangeable as most people think. A successful business leader needs to sustain a competitive edge by identifying and reacting to evolving trends. A financial advisor needs to help investors patiently participate in the market’s long-term growth, while managing the risks involved. Each requires its own skill set.

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Anastasia Wiese’s GRBJ Commentary: Pay Off Debt or Invest?

In today’s climate of low interest rate loans, many investors have been asking a variation on the same question: Is “extra,” discretionary cash best used to pay down debt – such as mortgages, auto loans, student loans or credit card balances – or to invest toward retirement? In her February 22 Grand Rapids Business Journal column, Anastasia Wiese, JD, CFP® covers how to make good choices either way: “Ultimately, every action you take to advance your overall financial picture should move you closer to a place of decreased anxiety and increased satisfaction with your financial situation.”

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Anastasia Wiese’s Corp! Commentary: Women Finding Work/Life Balance During Pandemic

How are women business owners and professionals who are also raising families achieving work/life balance during the pandemic? Michigan’s Corp! Magazine took a closer look at the question, as new studies suggest women’s professional and financial futures are at higher risk during the pandemic. Who better to speak on the subject than our own Anastasia Wiese? As a wife, mother, financial advisor, and co-owner at Grand Wealth, Anastasia shared tips on how she and her family have “leaned into the vulnerability” to manage it.

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