Estate Planning

Grand Rapids Business Journal: Steve Starnes on Money & Memory Loss During the Holidays

As a traditional time for family gatherings, the holidays also can be a good time to hold meaningful conversations about helping out (or being helped by) loved ones – especially if a family member is experiencing memory loss or other signs of dementia. In a GRBJ November 2018 article, Steve Starnes, CFP® offers practical advice on how families can approach care-giving conversations, while remaining sensitive to the delicate challenges involved.

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Grand Rapids Business Journal: Steve Starnes CFP® Authors a Financial Planning Article for Widows/Widowers

In an August 29 GRBJ article, Steve Starnes CFP® offered a number of insights into the financial dilemmas faced by those who have been recently widowed. While you’re grieving, it can be difficult to make decisions about a barrage of seemingly critical questions. “Not so fast,” advises Steve, as he covers the financial activities that can, and probably should, be put on hold.

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GRBJ Feature Article: Steve Starnes on Why Estate Planning Matters

Estate planning is one of those “I really should …” action items on almost everyone’s list. In a Grand Rapids Business Journal feature article, Steve Starnes shares some of the many ways estate planning matters more than you might imagine – for you and your loved ones alike.

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