Estate Planning

It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning

Steve Starnes shares in the first podcast episode of This Day & Age, tips, and tools you need to set yourself up for success in the later stages of life. The episode explores why having a plan in place is so important and how to get started.

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The Importance of Estate Planning

Estate planning is something everyone needs to consider, no matter your net worth. More than just a will, an estate plan is a comprehensive set of documents and instructions that outlines requested actions for the division of assets, executor identification, and setting up any trusts and charitable donations. As a whole, its purpose is to ensure that one’s financial legacy is intact and ready to be passed on to the next generation.

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Grand Rapids Business Journal Quotes Steve Starnes & Stephanie Mushna on Estate Planning for Millennials

Many families assume estate planning is for older people. That’s true, but millennials with dependents may have even more to lose if they unexpectedly die or become incapacitated. In an October GRBJ article, Steve Starnes, CFP® and Stephanie Mushna CFP® paired up with two local estate planning attorneys to describe the risks of dying “intestate” (without a will), and to propose some practical solutions for busy millennials.

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Grand Rapids Business Journal: Steve Starnes on Money & Memory Loss During the Holidays

As a traditional time for family gatherings, the holidays also can be a good time to hold meaningful conversations about helping out (or being helped by) loved ones – especially if a family member is experiencing memory loss or other signs of dementia. In a GRBJ November 2018 article, Steve Starnes, CFP® offers practical advice on how families can approach care-giving conversations, while remaining sensitive to the delicate challenges involved.

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Grand Rapids Business Journal: Steve Starnes CFP® Authors a Financial Planning Article for Widows/Widowers

In an August 29 GRBJ article, Steve Starnes CFP® offered a number of insights into the financial dilemmas faced by those who have been recently widowed. While you’re grieving, it can be difficult to make decisions about a barrage of seemingly critical questions. “Not so fast,” advises Steve, as he covers the financial activities that can, and probably should, be put on hold.

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GRBJ Feature Article: Steve Starnes on Why Estate Planning Matters

Estate planning is one of those “I really should …” action items on almost everyone’s list. In a Grand Rapids Business Journal feature article, Steve Starnes shares some of the many ways estate planning matters more than you might imagine – for you and your loved ones alike.

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