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Grand Wealth Implements New Sabbatical Benefit

One of the many values I hope to instill into our team at Grand Wealth is the importance of intentionally empowering everyone to step into leadership when the moment arrives. To grow as a company and deliver on our mission to help clients achieve more for themselves, their families, and their communities, all of us must be prepared for any situation to ensure our clients’ success. At the end of the day, our clients can count on any member of our team to understand their needs and step up to guide them.

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Evidence-Based Investing in Brief

How do you invest your money over the long-term? If you’ve read much of our work, you’ve probably noticed we embrace evidence-based investing. But what does that mean? Evidence-based investors build and manage their portfolio based on what is expected to enhance future returns and/or dampen related risk exposures, according to the most robust evidence available. This also means sticking with your long-view, evidence-based strategy once it’s in place, despite the market’s uncertainties and your own self-doubts you’ll encounter along the way.

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Three Upside-Down Investment Insights

Often, all you need to be an excellent investor is a healthy dose of common sense: A penny saved is a penny earned. Buy low, sell high. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

That said, the best way to achieve these simple goals isn’t always as obvious. In fact, many of our favorite investment insights may at first seem counterintuitive. Today, we cover a trio of weird, but wonderful “upside-down” investment ideas.

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Financial Advisor Magazine’s 2020 RIA Survey and Ranking

Grand Wealth Management is proud to be listed in Financial Advisor magazine’s 2020 RIA Survey and Ranking. Grand Wealth experienced a 24.02% growth in assets under management from 2018 to 2019. We crossed over the $400 million of assets under

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Jeff Williams Comments in MiBiz on Business Owners’ Financial and Succession Planning

Most successful business owners build their company’s financial strength through strategic planning and adept execution. But as Jeff Williams, CFP®, CPA/PFS comments in a recent MiBiz article, far fewer business owners bring these skills to their personal financial planning. When it’s time to implement a business succession plan, “not soon enough” financial planning can interfere with their own and their company’s optimal outcomes.

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Why “Safe Harbors” Can Be Risky Business

During heightened market turbulence, many investors are tempted to abandon the markets and flee to cash and cash-like “safe harbor” holdings. While it usually makes sense to allocate some of your wealth in this manner, too much “safety” can actually put your wealth at risk. Jeff Williams, CFP®, CPA/CFS explains how.

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Welcome Back, Janelle Anderson

There comes a time in any thriving business when a dedicated office manager becomes an essential ingredient for future growth. Fortunately, when that day arrived here at Grand Wealth Management, we did not have to search very far to find a perfict fit for the role.

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A Focus on Fixed Income

It’s been approximately a decade since the Great Recession began. By year-end 2008, the U.S. Federal Reserve (the Fed) had lowered the target federal funds rate to near-zero and embarked on an aggressive quantitative easing campaign, hoping to resuscitate the economy with a big booster shot of lending, borrowing and spending dollars.

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Forbes Column: Stephanie Mushna, CFP® Weighs in on Saving for Retirement (at Any Age)

Having just joined GWM earlier this year, Stephanie Mushna is already helping us reach out nationally to those seeking solid financial planning. In February, she was tapped by Forbes columnist Kate Ashford to comment on helping people save for retirement. Check out this piece; it’s chock full of practical ideas.

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Getting to Know Stephanie Mushna, CFP®

If you’ve visited our offices lately, you may already have had the pleasure of meeting our new Associate Financial Advisor Stephanie Mushna, CFP®. If not, you’re in for a treat. Today, we are delighted to introduce Stephanie to you electronically. Read on, and please join us in welcoming Stephanie to Grand Wealth Management.

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