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Seeking Peace of Mind

Our clients desire peace
of mind concerning their
finances and a long-term relationship with a firm
that can provide objective,
unbiased advice.

Grand Wealth Management’s advice is best suited for those clients who have unique needs because of the success they have achieved in their lives. Our personal clients include:
Business Owners who want to create longer-term value for their families apart from their business while managing their success within the business
Professionals whose careers demand their full attention, and who prefer to rely on the guidance of an advisor with specialized knowledge
Retirees who are challenged with matching their financial resources to their changing lives and want to make the most of their retirement years
Senior Executives who have limited time to address personal financial matters and seek to maximize the value of employer-provided benefit packages
Families who are often challenged with inter-generational issues and opportunities that need clarity and common-sense advice
Working in partnership with Grand Wealth Management enables our clients to be less concerned about the day-to-day details of managing their finances, yet allows them to stay involved in guiding and monitoring their overall strategy. Our clients gain the perspective of an objective, experienced third party while maintaining their role as the ultimate decision-maker on all their important financial matters.

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